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Barton G the Restaurant


based on 1 review

1427 West Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 672-8881


Category: Restaurants
Tags: american (new)

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Price Range: Moderate, $11-30
Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Parking: Street

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1 review for Barton G the Restaurant

Barton G the Restaurant
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Located in South Beach, Barton G is an amazing find. Ambience abounds and the food never fails to impress. Impeccable service & creative dishes, presented quite uniquely, keep me going back. Their "G Mac & cheese" is sinful and comes with a list of all the cheeses they put in it. Indoor as well as outdoor seating set in a tropical setting. Perfect for entertaining a client ...or a romantic first date. Reservations recommended. May be a bit of a wait to get seated; but their bar is as top notch as the establishment —so have a cocktail will ya!?

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Tags: american (new)

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